La Causa Rifa

About Us...

La Causa Rifa Co. was founded by a ragtag group of friends from humble beginnings who knew what they disliked and appreciated artistically. It all began on pen and paper, unhappy with clothing designs and trends currently popular, we began drawing images that we'd like to see on different types of garments. Sometimes we'd do a quick sketch on a napkin, other times it'd be this complete, full color rendering. We executed these designs because we enjoyed it. It was a form of self expression that soon grew into something more. Others would catch a glimpse of our art and genuinely liked what they saw. We began thinking more seriously about a clothing company and bringing some life into the garment game with our original concepts. La Causa Rifa is this eclectic mash up of various perspectives and artistic styles influenced by growing up among southern California's urban street culture during its heyday. Despite being a young business on the rise, this project was many years in the making with our noses to the grindstone. 

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